99-cent FSFNet eBook Blast!

I’m participating in a fantastic eBook Sale! It’s a one-day only gig, so saddle up your dragon or strap on your jet packs and get over to the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network to grab your choice(s) from over a dozen fantasy and sci-fi books. All of these titles are priced under $0.99 at the time of writing this post. Prices are subject to change, so check the price before clicking “buy.”

The 99-cent sale is 24 hours only starting May 23, 2014 12:01 AM PST

The FSF Net is a growing group of over fifty authors who have gathered together to create a unique news channel dedicated to fans of fantasy and science-fiction books. Their members include some of today’s top bestselling fantasy and sci-fi authors like J.D. Hallowell, Brian Anderson, Lindsay Buroker, and Leeland Artra. All fantasy and sci-fi works by its member authors are guaranteed to not exceed the PG13 standard as described in the group’s website. While most of the books are written for adult fans of sci-fi and fantasy, the books are safe for all readers 13+ with limited violence, limited swearing, and no erotica. Since its creation in December of 2013, the network has helped launch many more bestselling authors, and its membership continues to grow weekly.

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