Luscious Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Fix: Luscious Chocolate Mousse

It’s chocolate time! This luscious chocolate mousse is one of my favorite ways to get my chocolate fix. It’s rich and creamy, and it doesn’t require an official chef’s hat. Big bonus in my world of quick-and-easy. Luscious Chocolate Mousse 1 pkg unflavored gelatin 2 Tbsp cold water ¼ cup boiling water 1 cup sugar … Continue reading Chocolate Fix: Luscious Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Fix: Cocoa-Coco Muffins

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time for another chocolate fix! Wait. Belay that! It’s always time for a chocolate fix! Last time we made Black Bean Brownies. This time, it’s muffins! Hurrah! I love muffins, and the only “healthy” addition we’re making to these is coconut. This recipe has been in … Continue reading Chocolate Fix: Cocoa-Coco Muffins

Chocolate Fix: Black Bean Brownies

I’m a little excited. It’s time for another Chocolate Foray, and I looooove chocolate. (In case you hadn’t figured that out yet.) Black Bean Brownies. I know, I know, they sound weird and suspiciously healthy. I can’t really vouch for the “health” quality except that there is chocolate in them and chocolate is the other … Continue reading Chocolate Fix: Black Bean Brownies

Chocolate Fix: Any-Nut Torte

Do you know what time it is?? It’s chocolate time! This time we’re doing a cake. It’s yummy and it’s easy. (Okay, putting the nuts on the sides is a little challenging, but well worth the effort. Don’t let it intimidate you!) When you make it—you know you want to!—be sure to let me know … Continue reading Chocolate Fix: Any-Nut Torte

Chocolate Fix: Chocolate Magic Custard Cake

When I was a little girl my mom spearheaded an annual Baking Campaign that started in October or November and came to a glorious, beautiful, tasty finale at Christmas. She set up a long, narrow table covered with a red tablecloth and decorated with gold tinsel. A basket shaped like a sleigh held old-fashioned, don’t-touch-it, … Continue reading Chocolate Fix: Chocolate Magic Custard Cake

Chocolate Fix: Cinnamon Toasties

There is a bag of chocolate chips in my pantry in severe danger of being exterminated. Or… I might break down and make a family favorite. Cinnamon Toasties. Now, they’re not 100% chocolate (I know, shocking isn’t it?) but they are just so darned good it’s hard to eat just one. And they have chocolate chips … Continue reading Chocolate Fix: Cinnamon Toasties