A Week of Self-Published Authors

This week I’m joining a stellar group of self-published authors over at Unicorn Bell to discuss why we chose self-publishing over traditional, marketing techniques, and to offer a little writing advice garnered from our own experiences. The article is entitled “A Week of Self-Published Authors: Robin Lythgoe.” Here’s an excerpt:

I write fantasy because I love it, and I think staying with a particular genre builds trust with the readers. Those big-name authors found something that worked for them and stuck with it on purpose. It worked. Authors who have several books published and a large following can more easily afford wading in other pools, and there are some that do so successfully, though they often choose to publish under a different name. Why? Because their fans expect them to stay in the already established lines. And, thanks to a surge in the popularity of fantasy stories—evident in book sales as well as movie and television production—why wouldn’t I stay with fantasy? Bottom line? Yes, staying within the fantasy genre has definitely had a hand in the progression of things.


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