Blast! (And Drat! Or… “The Best-Laid Plans”)

Blast! Drat! and FOOEY!

I have come to the realization, after exercising my patience nearly into oblivion, that the name of Comcast’s “Blast! Internet Service” has nothing at all to do with speed and everything to do with the reaction of customers when their connection regularly slows to a standstill, whether hard-wired in or not. Fearing my browser was the culprit, I’ve tried two others. It doesn’t help. Neither, you should know, does jumping up and down and hollering “Blast! Blast! BLAST!”, though it did contribute to my cardio workout.

As luck would have it, being productive today depended upon having an internet connection for research I needed to do. And the blog post I planned to put up this morning, well—It’s not morning anymore, and I’ve decided to save that particular announcement for next week. My last shred of optimism for the day suggests that it might be better timing anyway. Whilst waiting for pages to load—or emails to take flight (See? Not the browser!)—I worked on some banners for an upcoming event, so I can’t really say the day was entirely lost. Also, my daughter brought me chocolate. Very Important Stuff. And Grimm is on tonight. I can watch Nick, Munroe, and cool monsters while I’m savoring dark chocolate Kisses.

In Writing News, I have been struggling mightily with Sherakai’s story—or rather how to go about accomplishing it in a manner that satisfies me. I wrote an awesome 50K during a NaNoWriMo stint (Yay! She’s a winner!), and I like it. Very much. I just… haven’t liked it as the Official Beginning of the series until the other morning when, during a moment of plaguey insomnia, I figured out how I could move from it to the next book, and that it would all work out very nicely and still give me the character/reader exploration I was hooked on. However, I am going to have to change the original title. Ugh. And drat! I have the hardest time coming up with titles! Perusing the lists of fantasy novels I am awed and captivated by such names as The Way of Kings, A Wise Man’s Fear, Exile’s Gate, Furies of Calderon, and Bloodfire Quest. 

What have I got? Lie Down in Darkness. Doubtful Dark. And Dark— BLAH.


Crow’s book, As the Crow Flies, was originally titled The Sharpness of the Knife. The knife gave up its role in that tale, but I can see it performing very nicely in Sherakai’s… Mmmmmhm.

And now it’s time for a little light entertainment, Grimm style.

2 thoughts on “Blast! (And Drat! Or… “The Best-Laid Plans”)

  1. One thing leads to another. Nothing happens in isolation and influences, while subtle, can all be more important than we realize. I like to think that being a writer is like being one of those hoarders we see on tv – only with ideas. You never know when you might need one.

    Did that make any sense at all? I don't feel like I'm making much sense today … It could be the deplorable dearth of chocolate in my house.

  2. Oh, dear, I can't believe your comment escaped my attention! Well, considering that I spent a solid WEEK entertaining a headache the size of New York City, maybe I can. I do apologize! You made sense to me—which might be a product of hanging out with you so often. I'm lucky that way. 😀

    You know what's cool about computers? We can hoard all KINDS of stuff, all in an itty-bitty living space!

    I would send you chocolate, but the virtual kind just doesn't have the same oomph as the real thing. How about if I eat a dark chocolate kiss in your honor?

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