Blog Tour Day 3

Day three of the blog tour brings a fine tangle of miscommunication (which is why I’m so late posting this!), but Crow shall prevail! He is, after all, beloved of the gods, right?
So, what happened? I thought I sent information to someone, then I couldn’t find any trace of said email, so I sent it again, but I never heard back… Unfortunately, these things happen, even on the best of days. And unfortunately, I don’t have “Easy” or “Do-over” buttons! I hope we’ll be able to reschedule. In the meantime, I have an excerpt for you and, in case you missed any of the tour goodness we’ve featured so far, here’s the lineup:

Kristie Kiessling, Directions for the Journey — Interview, Excerpt, Giveaway
AE Marling, The Importance of the Impossible — Interview
Zinc Universe — Interview and Excerpts
Three Blank Pages —Review and Giveaway

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway, which is listed below as well as in the places aforementioned. I want to point out that a few random commenters will receive a digital copy of As the Crow Flies, too. So, speak up! Observe! Reflect! Opine!


The two men came into the cage and hauled me unceremoniously to my feet. My knees buckled. They caught me before I fell and dragged my arms up across their broad shoulders. They were so tall that my toes barely scraped the ground as they carted me off down a dim corridor. My head swam with pain and my vision blurred. What felt like eternity could have been no more than minutes, and then they deposited my carcass on the floor. While I blinked stupidly up at Tanris, one of them held me down with a foot on my chest while the other removed my boots and my belt.

“Slop bucket in the corner,” he said, pointing. “Meal in the morning. I wouldn’t waste it, as it will be the only one you get for the day. If you get chilly, there’s a blanket at the foot of the bed.” He grinned and bowed extravagantly. “Enjoy your stay.”

The door thudded closed behind him, immediately immersing me in darkness so black that not even my excellent eyesight could penetrate it. Panic grabbed me by the gut and yanked me into motion. “Tanris!” I yelled, scrambling for the door. The thud of a bolt sliding into place answered me. “Tanris! Don’t do this!” Another bolt slammed. I pounded the thick wood with my fist. “Tanris!” The third bolt gave a scream of delight as it locked. Muted laughter came from the corridor, then nothing.

I banged on the door with both fists, then put my sore hands to better use searching for a handle. Again, nothing. The walls and ceiling closed in on me, and I sank to the floor, pressing my back against the door. My breath was loud and harsh in my ears. In and out, in and out. Like a bellows. Stars danced in front of my eyes, and my lips and fingers tingled strangely. Had Tanris poisoned me?

Reason battled with Panic, slowly gaining a small advantage. Tanris had already got what he wanted. Me. In a cell. He had no need of poison. His pleasure depended on putting me in a cage forever, not by killing me quickly. I concentrated on breathing slowly and carefully. I had to think.

How had I fallen into his hands?


(“Easy” button courtesy of devzign at DeviantArt)

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