Blog Tour Day 5

Are you enjoying this ride as much as I am? I hope so! Today I have three goodies to share with you—and there’s still the giveaway, too. Make sure you sign up for that, and don’t forget that digital versions of As the Crow Flies are being awarded to random commenters on the blogs of my wonderful tour hosts.
On her blog, Disciples of the Fount, Louise Blankenship interviews Tarsha, the love of Crow’s life. Allow me to give you a peek:

So, Tarsha, how did you and Crow meet?  

I am, as I’m sure you’ve heard, a professional dancer. Crow came to all of my shows and it wasn’t hard to tell he was completely smitten. Of course a lot of men are smitten and it is something I’ve become used to. He wanted to see me—off the stage, you know—but I turned him down.

Decide for yourself if it’s true love or something else entirely when you read the rest of the story!

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Brandon Wright of Indie Author Book Reviews did—Wait for it!—a book review, and gave me a thrilling 9.0/10.0 (stars? points? french fries?).

 “This book came with me everywhere I went and while I had a spare minute, I was reading this book.”

If you want to read the rest of his review (and I think you do!), you can zip over to his site here: As the Crow Flies.

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Brandon Ellis (Don’t get confused by two Brandons!) of The PureLights let me take up space over on his blog talking about Mining Ideas.

The subject of where writers get their ideas seems to be a hot one recently—in my circles, anyway. Frankly, the notion of a writer being without ideas boggles me. We live in an idea-rich age, with a plethora of books, movies, news, music, graphics, events, museums, online interaction, and opportunity for personal experiences. It’s a gold mine! The truth is that the writer with the empty poetic pan simply refuses to do the work involved in turning information into useable concepts, starting with constantly searching for useful tidbits. Like most talents, this one takes practice, but it can be fun!

Click here to read the rest of the article.

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