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Waldo is back! For those of you who missed the exciting story, we rescued a baby robin. He got tagged with the name “Waldo” when we took him outside, and then couldn’t ever see where he was. “Where’s Waldo?” The neat thing, though, was that he would chirp at us, then hop/flap out of hiding to come visit. A couple days after letting him go, he disappeared. “Typical teenager,” we complained. “Leaves home and doesn’t even call!” Now that he’s back, he’s a little wary of us. He lets us get close (but no touching!) and he let my husband feed him a worm (from a polite distance). But that’s all right. It’s just good to know he’s doing well. 🙂
All right, enough with as the robin flies, and onto As the Crow Flies! We’re entering the final stretch of the book tour! I hope you’ve signed up for the giveaway and made sure to comment on a couple of the posts where they’re being hosted by my oh-so-generous bloggers—those comments may land you a free e-book, and it’s a great way to show your appreciation.
So, what are we doing today? I’m glad you asked! Over on Mathew Reuther‘s blog I talk about The Attraction of Voice and why it’s important in the books we read—and write!

“It grabs your reader’s attention and makes a connection with them. It’s memorable. The authors you read repeatedly have seduced you with their voice.” 

Unless you’re looking for it, “voice” is one of those qualities that is easy to miss—and it should be! Drop on over and pay us a visit!

And then skip over to RK Grow’s blog, where she’s got a couple of excerpts from the book for you to enjoy: As The Crow Flies by Robin Lythgoe.

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And last, but not least, the entry form for the giveaway. Can’t forget that!

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