A Drift of Quills: Fiction Shots #3 (Destroyer of the World)

It’s time for A Drift of Quills and another round of Fiction Shots! Do we call them "short" or "fun-sized"? They're the perfect solution when you want a quick read. Take five and settle in for adventure!

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A Drift of Quills: All Tied Up (Dealing with Novel Challenges)

Dealing with novel challenges is nothing new for A Drift of Quills. Here’s a day-in-the life: "What has been the biggest writing challenge with our current novel?"

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A Drift of Quills: Terrible Books—Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

Terrible Books—Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em? A Drift of Quills reads a lot of books. Do we keep reading when they’re awful? Throw fits? Recycle them and hurry to the next? Join us to discover our take on Books We Hate…

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