A Drift of Quills: What’s Our Inspiration?

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Writers and other creative people have many different approaches to beginning their projects. Today A Drift of Quills are talking about what inspires us to write our stories. They’re near and dear to our hearts, and writing a novel is an extraordinarily personal experience!

A Drift of Quills: Picture This (#4)

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It’s time to “Picture This!” Every first Friday of the month, A Drift of Quills gets together to chat about reading and/or writing. Writers often collect images to help them envision people, places, and things as they write. For this feature we’re sharing pictures and snippets about one of our works, giving you a sneak peek into our worlds!

A Drift of Quills: Muse (Department of Music)

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A Drift of Quills are talking to the Head Muse (Department of Music) to find out what—if anything—helps promote the mood to write or inspire scenes, moods, or any other parts of our imagination. What kind of tunes do you think we listen to? We share a lot of things in common; is music one of them?

A Drift of Quills: Under the Influence

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Stories uncovered! Secrets revealed! Sounds like an article straight out of the tabloids, right? This first-Friday A Drift of Quills are looking at the way people, news stories, or current events play a role in our works. Are we under the influence of current events? How do we use it?

A Drift of Quills: Where Do You List Your (Book) Loot?

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We are a list-loving society, and for those of us who adore books, that means keeping some kind of inventory of what books we own, what we want to own, what we’ve read, what we want to read—and how well we liked what we read… Today 'A Drift of Quills' delves into the subject of social cataloging for books—What do we use? What are some other options?