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I don't know about you, but I can't believe this year is almost at an end! Got a snack and a beverage? Good, because I have some fun stuff lined up for you! It’s time for a nomination AND a party…

Nomination and a Party—Come on Over!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe this year is almost at an end. The weather has been amaaaazing—until the last few days. On Sunday Hubby and I went outside to sit on our new-this-year swing and enjoy 60°F weather. In December. Wow! Sunny skies, birdies tweeting. It was gorgeous.

By Monday the temps had taken a dive, and today I’m taking full advantage of my snuggly electric shearling blanket while I strive to avoid going out into the newly arrived winter: It’s 34°F right now. Someone else can get the mail, right? Brrrr!

Luckily, I have some good stuff lined up for you. Continue reading Nomination and a Party—Come on Over!

It’s World Book Day—Party on, Bibliophiles!

Did you know that April 23rd is World Book Day?

It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world. ~World Book Day

It’s like the world hears all of our birthday wishes and wishes-upon-a-star! BOOK celebrations everywhere! Party on, Bibliophiles!

Also known as International Day of the Book, this is an annual event celebrated every April 23rd since 1995. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) organized the affair, using it to promote reading, publishing, and copyright.

I love that!

Just to be quirky, the folks in the United Kingdom celebrate on the first Thursday in March. 😮

The Low-down on World Book Day

World Book Day is a celebration! It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.I love finding out about stuff. When I was little and read something I didn’t know or understand, I would ask my mother. I’m not sure if it was an insidious plot to get me to leave her alone or if it was pure genius for waking my curiosity. Whatever the motivation, she would always tell me to go look it up.

The real problem with this was that I would get so distracted by all the other amazing things in the dictionary and/or encyclopedia (yeah, back in the dinosaur age) that I would forget what I was there for!

I did that today, too. Continue reading It’s World Book Day—Party on, Bibliophiles!

Celebrate Reading (Drop Everything and READ!)

Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

The author of the beloved Ramona Quimby books turns 101 years old today. A hundred and one! I’m sure she had no idea when she wrote Ramona Quimby, Age 8 that she would start a literary revolution.

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Ramona Quimby, Age 8 - by Beverly ClearyInspired by letters from readers sharing their enthusiasm for the D.E.A.R. activities implemented in their schools, Mrs. Cleary decided to give the same experience to Ramona and her classmates. In the book, Ramona’s teacher introduces the children in her class to D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read). It could have been “Sustained Silent Reading,” but how much more fun is it with a title like that? I love clever teachers (and writers) who know how to engage their students and make learning an adventure.

Drop Everything and Read has become “a national month-long celebration of reading designed to remind folks of all ages to make reading a priority activity in their lives.” (Drop Everything and Read)

Did you know that reading Continue reading Celebrate Reading (Drop Everything and READ!)

What Are the Chances? And What if It’s Free?

I’ve got a little story for you from the weird, wacky world of Coincidence: A Tale of Two Georgias.

I’ve been getting some lovely emails from my readers—good news, funny news, encouraging words, and all flavors of What’s Going On in Your World. I love it. (Email me!)

Yesterday, I had the surreal experience of hearing from two delightful readers named Georgia. Yup, both of them. [Hi, Georgia(s)!]

These peaches are named Georgia—Welcome to their slightly surreal story.I received an email from one at 7:16 PM on Wednesday, and from the other at 7:18 PM. On Wednesday. Both of them lamented that the link for downloading their thank you gift didn’t work. (Did you know you, too, could get a free short story? All you have to do is sign up for my email list. I don’t mail very often!)

They both wanted the mobi version of the story.

I checked the page and the links. They worked, but I am forever suspicious of ether gremlins running amok. I had to ask if perhaps one person had signed up for two email lists? (Still, why would one person need two copies of one little short story?? I know it’s good, but is it that good? 😄)

So I emailed them both with a copy. One kindly mentioned she was from Colorado. The other volunteered that she came from Alabama. Coincidentally, I didn’t ask either of them…

And then today, just to round things out, I happened to read an article written by—you guessed it—another woman named Georgia.

They’re all peaches. 😉

More Peachiness with FREE Books

And here’s another coincidence: More free books for you! (I love sharing these sources. Who doesn’t love free books?) Below you’ll find all the latest Instafreebie giveaways I’m involved in. There are lots of free sci-fi and fantasy books in return for signing up to author newsletters. My Kindle is beginning to burst at the seams!

Fantasy Feast: Free fantasy books for hungry bookworms

Main Feast Table:

Feast Favourites Table:

SFF Book Bonanza

Over 100 SciFi and Fantasy books!

Melanie Tomlin's PROLIFIC READER: a huuuuge list of free books from every genre.

Melanie goes above and beyond with a huuuuge list of books from every genre. freebies/

Science Fiction and Fantasy Instafreebie Giveaway Mar 21-31. Over 60 books!

This one is upcoming. We’re spreading the reading out over the whole month!

Read with joy, my friends!

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What are you reading now? Share in the comments!

What Are the Chances? A short journey into the surreal AND some free books for you!

InstaFreebie Fantasy—Fill Your Kindle and Answer a Survey!

Just a quick post today—I recently created a poll for my readers. Do you read ebooks? Then this poll is for you!

Click this link:
Reader Survey!

I love getting to know you! I threw in some silly questions so we could both have fun.

There are also a bunch of giveaways going on—mostly on InstaFreebie, which I love. Be sure to check these out:

Fantasy Feast ebook giveaway Feb 8-16 2017

Fantasy Feast

The iF Book Promos page has fantasy books available HERE, and the offerings change frequently. Alas, there is no pretty picture to go with it.

SFF Book Bonanza

SFF Book Bonanza (Starts February 13th)

Did you answer the survey?

Have you got any questions for me? Ask me anything, but keep it clean, please!

Blood and Shadow is Now Available!

I am thrilled to announce that Blood and Shadow, the first novel in the Mage’s Gift, is now available on Amazon! It’s taken a lot longer to get here than I’d planned, but we’re finally there, and book 2 is not far behind. No, really.

Blood and Shadow: A vengeful mage. A powerful gift. A naive youth. (Join the journey today!)A vengeful mage. A powerful gift. A naive youth.

Sherakai never wanted to become a warrior like his father and brothers. Satisfied with being fourth in line to inherit title and responsibility, he wants only to be Master of the Horse. But on the eve of his sister’s wedding, a terrible gift arrives and Sherakai’s course changes forever. His magic is the key to secrets he does not know or understand, and he must learn to fight to escape a future he doesn’t believe in. Now he must use what he hates to regain what he loves.

The regular price will be $3.99, but for TWO DAYS you can pick it up for the intro price of $0.99! (This universal link will take you to your Amazon store.)

Are you hungry for a taste of what’s to come? Enjoy a short excerpt here: Blood and Shadow…

A Drift of Quills: Fantasy eBook Giveaway!

To celebrate this holiday season A Drift of Quills has something awesome for you—We’re giving away e-books!

A Drift of Quills is giving away e-books! Enter now for your chance to win. Contest ends Dec 18, 2016The Grand Prize Winner gets a virtual stocking stuffed with all five books in the format of your choice. (mobi, epub, pdf)

One copy each of As the Crow Flies, OathtakersA Hero’s Curse, and Obscurely Obvious will go to 4 separate runners-up. (One book per winner, notification by email.)

As the Crow Flies, by Robin Lythgoe
When a psychotic wizard traps a first-class thief—well, a man’s got to do what he’s told. Until he can think of a better plan.

Oathtaker, by Patricia Reding
Mara swears to protect her charge with her life, then discovers the price her vow will exact. Abiding by an oath requires sacrifice.

Select, by Patricia Reding
To discover their callings, and in fulfillment of prophecy, the twin ranking members of the Select journey across The Tearless where they face three challenges. To triumph, they must first believe.

A Hero’s Curse, by P.S. Broaddus
The fantastical adventure story of a young blind girl and her talking cat taking on a perilous quest to find her kingdom’s lost king.

Obscurely Obvious, by Robin Lythgoe
A collection of five short stories including In the Mirror, The High Roads, Tourist Trap, Deliver Me, Elran’s Journey, and a bonus story.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Holidays from A Drift of Quills!

Robin Lythgoe, fantasy author  Patricia Reding  Parker Broaddus

A Drift of Quills is giving away e-books! Enter now for your chance to win. Contest ends Dec 18, 2016
FSFNet Blockbuster Sale

FSFNet Blockbuster Sale!

I’m teaming up with authors from  the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network for another awesome e-book sale. Starting today (December 19th) and running until the end of the year, the FSFNet is having a spectacular blockbuster sale featuring free, 99¢, and bargain e-books. You’ll find award-winning and bestselling authors like Patricia Reding, A.R. Silverberry, L.R.W. Lee, and J.D. Hallowell. We’ve also got up-and-coming authors including Kasper Beaumont, Joshua Grasso, Lori Fitzgerald, and many more.

Blockbuster Sale!

As the Crow Flies is on sale, and my new short story, The High Roads, is also available.

As the Crow FliesThe High Roads

Check out the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network site for a list of all the awesome books on sale!(Watch closely, as the savings on some will disappear without notice. Be sure to check the price carefully before you hit “buy.”) And if your shopping is all wrapped up, use this opportunity to get yourself a gift!

Happy Christmas!


Blogiversary Giveaway!

Happy 4th Blogiversary to me!

Four years ago yesterday, I started on this blogging adventure. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned a lot on the journey, and I’ve gained a better appreciation for other bloggers and website authors. The writers and readers communities are some of the sharing-est folks I know, and I’m glad to be a part of that.

Along the way I’ve talked about everything from character development, to weddings, to birds, to good books to read. Help yourself to a nice, big piece of chocolate cake and check out some of my most popular posts:

Do you want to get in on the celebration? I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift card!

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this page. The contest will close at midnight Mountain Time on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced in a post on Monday, May 25th. If you would like to earn extra entries, you can:

  • Blog about it
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Just be sure to leave a separate comment with a link to the share for each extra entry. Good luck!

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