Counting Down to the Wedding

Work on my novel has gone from “spotty” to nonexistent as we get ready to celebrate my daughter’s wedding. The invitation turned out awesome—and I’m not just saying that! The coolest part of designing the various stationery items is getting the printed work back and seeing how surprisingly good it looks.

My photographer hubby took both the engagement photos and the bridal photos. I’m prejudiced, I know, but those bridal pictures are soooooo pretty! Going through those and doing (just a few!) touch-ups was time-consuming, but fun. We don’t have quite a million of them printed and framed to display at the reception… It’s so crazy to think of my little girl being old enough to marry—but I thought that when my son got married in May. Being the mother of the groom is definitely an easier job than being the mother of the bride! My son’s wedding was lovely, and after all the planning, creating, phoning, sorting, and decision-making involved in my daughter’s, I am very grateful for all the new in-laws did for them.

I’ve also made the pillow for the ring-bearer, a fabric-covered box for the gift cards, and I have the garter(s) to do yet, and… the video montage still awaits my attention. So wonderful to be able to use my talents for such a good cause.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing it all pulled together (next week!). I’m also very much looking forward to life getting back to “normal” afterward. 😀

(names and information changed to protect the innocent)

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