Cover Candy #7

It’s time for a little Cover Candy book lovin’!

What does it say that I haven’t read any of these yet? They’re all on my humongous TBR list. That’s a step, right?

I usually end up spending more time writing than reading—though once I start reading I’m likely to keep right on going and forget to write! January has been rough. I’ve been sick. Ugh. On the bright side, it opened up some reading time, and my towering stack is now seven books (and a half!) shorter. I’m taking part in the 2017 Reading Challenge on Goodreads again—that gives me a push, too!

So. Covers.

This time I’ve taken a shine to covers with birds on them. As usual, I can’t vouch for the contents of the books represented below. We’re only here for the eye candy!

Cover Candy #07: Three (more!) Beautiful Book Covers
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Cover Stars

Warheart, by Terry Goodkind


~Terry Goodkind~
This is the UK cover. 528 paperback pages
(The US one is not as cool.)
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Pub date: 6 Oct. 2016
Genre: Fantasy
Artist: (unknown)

Nevernight, by Jay Kristoff


~Jay Kristoff~
Again, a UK cover. 448 hardback pages
(Again, the US one is not as cool.)
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Pub date: 6 Oct. 2016
Genre: Fantasy (caution, also listed as ‘erotica’)
Artist: (unknown)

An Inheritance of Ashes, by Lea Bobet


~Leah Bobet~
Kindle, 400 pages
Publisher: Clarion Books
Pub date: Reprint edition 6 Oct. 2015
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi, YA
Artist: Naomi Chen

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Which cover is your favorite of the three?
Share a cover YOU love!
Do you have a favorite cover artist?

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