Good, Clean Reading

This might come as a shock to you, but I love fantasy books (and movies!).

There was a time when I could pick any fantasy book off the shelf and not have to worry about over-the-top violence and gore, sex, and foul language. I miss those days…

All is not lost, though!

The Fantasy & Science-Fiction Network  (FSF Net) is dedicated to helping fans find the very best fantasy & sci-fi books for children and adults (both young and old) which do not exceed a PG-13 rating.

On the website you will find author profiles, reviews, interviews, and various articles of interest to the fantasy or science-fiction connoisseur. The group also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and (new!) Goodreads.

Be sure to go visit, like, follow, share, and participate!

I will be sharing more groups and sites like this in the future—stay tuned!

You can also pay a visit to my own list of Flinch-Free reading recommendations: Read these!

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Have you got a go-to site for finding clean fantasy and sci-fi reads?
What are some of your favorite (clean) fantasy and sic-fi books?

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