Hello! Welcome to my internet home! I am a fantasy author who occasionally takes a dip into science fiction or (mild) horror. My debut novel, As the Crow Flies was released as an ebook in December 2012 and as a paperback five months later. I am currently working on another story set in another world, loosely called "The Lands of Tairenth." Stay tuned for more info!

As the Crow Flies cover

Meet Crow, an engaging but self-serving thief. He has spent his life perfecting the talents given to him by the gods, sharpening his razor wit, and planning for a comfortable future with the woman of his dreams.

And then there’s Tanris, dauntless servant of the empire, dedicated lawman. It’s a feather in his cap when he finally captures the miserable, thieving bird that’s been flitting about the Bahsyr Empire as if he owned it.

Neither man is prepared to become a cat’s paw for a wizard with even bigger plans.

In this tale of thieves and dragons, author Robin Lythgoe ventures into a world where the master thief Crow and the lawman Tanris must learn to weather each other as well as survive dangerous lands, a haunted cave, and a temple guarded by blade, sorcery—and a vengeful dragon. Their goal? Simple: take a journey across inhospitable land to fetch an incredible, mythical prize. Escape the dragon. Return before time runs out …

Read the first chapter here:
Flying Weather