Kidnapped: Day Three

Who would have thought that being kidnapped entailed sleeping in and watching a movie — until after normal people eat lunch? Fortunately, my captor fed me enough to keep me alive. I was forced to nibble on Dove’s Dark Chocolate Promises until he relented and took me to a grocery store. He generously allowed me to choose my own repast, then we picnicked I was tortured in a pretty little park.

From there we set out on a hike. About the same time, the sun decided to come out from behind a nice, cooling cloud cover.

The hike was miles and miles long. The unrelenting sun beat down on my poor little head. The water in my bottle nearly boiled. I now have a farmer’s tan. The contrast between red and black and green is amazing. There was no chocolate, but we did get to see lots of ants, a few lizards, and some really pretty scenery. I also watched a hawk for a while. Not sure how Hubby missed it, except that he was completely absorbed with his camera.

Have I mentioned at all that he’s a photographer? And I would post pictures, but then my location might be traced and someone could sweep in and save me.

After the torture in the desert, we got cleaned up I was hosed down and led to the feeding chamber to be fattened up on a scrumptious meal with pasta and cheese at Olive Garden. I even had to suffer through an Italian cream soda. Raspberry.

The entertainment at Tuacahn was for two nights/two plays, so this time we got to see a fun rendition of Grease. The gal that played Rizzo was in danger of stealing the show, and the clouds returned, threatening rain. There were considerably fewer youngsters in the crowd, but you know what? It was fun. We listened to them talking about their various tours across the country and around the world (St. George is ‘snowbird’ country!). There was a group behind us, brothers and sisters whose names all began with ‘Sh.’ Sheldon, Shaunna, Shirley, Sheryl… When a few drops of rain fell, they all (not just the Sh Family) whipped out their rain ponchos and, in the case of the woman in front of us, an umbrella.

The umbrella did not last. The old folks were not quiet or shy about informing her that such a thing was not going to work!

The play involved a scene in which WE were the drive-in movie! What fun. 🙂

So here I am, ‘home’ alone while I wait for Hubby to come back from a photo shoot, and then we get to make the exciting return drive.

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