Kidnapped: Day Two

Alack and alas, the Ostrich Medallions were not available. Which is to say that the restaurant was not actually available, at least on our schedule. They advertised that they were open at 5PM, but when Hubby called to see if the Ostriches would gallop onto our plates, no one answered the phone. Timing was an issue; we didn’t want to waste it driving over to the Anasazi Grill if 1) they weren’t open and 2) they had no bird. So… we opted for sushi.

Now, I am no sushi expert, but the little I’ve had, I like. Our waitress was a lovely young oriental woman whose English we could barely comprehend. I am still not certain what our options were, but she delivered a boat full of sushi to our table. No, really! It was this great little (big? It was close to three feet long!) bamboo boat, the deck of which held our dinner. (Miso soup and house salad first!). I recognized the California Rolls and the Tuna Rolls, but the rest were different kinds of fish and shrimp.

I am also not a chopstick expert. I struggled, and in order to keep from starving to death, I resorted to employing my fork. The waitress saved me and brought me the “trainer” chopsticks, and with a slightly horrified look on her face informed me that sushi is not to be cut! So sorry, but it was that or wear it. I’ll practice as often as possible, I promise.

After dinner Hubby took me to the Tuacahn amphitheater (courtesy of his generous parents), which is in a beautiful canyon, surrounded by red cliffs. We saw “The Little Mermaid,” which played to a sold out crowd made up of a few families with small children and… a majority of golden agers. A little girl named Stella sat next to Hubby, and they became good friends. Stella’s mother was a pleasant young woman, too. The play was well done, and we particularly enjoyed the special effects in which they employed water. Very cleverly done. Ursula was amazing. Flotsam and Jetsam (on heelies! It was great!) were wonderful. Sebastian — as lovable as always.

On the way back to the motel I was warned that if it got out that we’d had a themed evening of sushi and mermaids, my husband’s man license might be revoked.

All I can say is that real men do eat quiche.

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