More Good, Clean Reading

Are you one of those people that loves to read but hates trying to disinfect your eyeballs after they’ve been exposed to blood, guts, profanity or sex? Yeah, me, too … And I have good news!

As the hunt continues for providers of “clean” fiction, more sites and blogs are cropping up. This time I’d like to introduce you to Clean Indie Reads:

The goal of this site is to connect writers from across the fiction genre spectrum with readers who want to discover something great. Specifically, it is to find independent authors who are writing fiction that would generally be deemed “clean”. Does that mean everything featured on this site is squeaky-clean Disney-Princess pure? Well, no. But you can rest assured that these books are clean […]

Naturally, I’m most interested in their fantasy listings, and I’m always up for a little science fiction, but they have other categories too (so easy to get side-tracked to the pages for dystopian and steampunk!).

And look at their tagline! “Home of Flinch-Free Fiction!” You might want to pay a visit to my own list of Flinch-Free reading recommendations: Read these!

Clean Indie Reads also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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Have you got a go-to site for finding clean fantasy and sci-fi reads?

What are some of your favorite (clean) fantasy and sci-fi books?

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