Good news! The first draft of the first book of my new fantasy series is done! I finished a few days ago; you may have heard me whooping with glee. Nicholas Sparks says that “Writing the last page of the first draft is the most enjoyable moment in writing.” It is pretty marvelous. But then we have Ernest Hemingway proclaiming, “The first draft of anything is $#@%,” and I have to laugh, because in this case that’s true, too. My manuscript is peppered with comments and notations I must edit. Some of them are easy fixes (NameThisGuy), and some of them are going to require research or brainstorming. Fun, right? My sister says, “To edit is to right.” Ha! Love the play on words!

Quote-Draft-JohnDufresneMore good news — I’ve started working on the second book in the series. Interestingly, doing that has exposed some things in Book #1 that need to be tweaked, but hey — it’s in the rewriting-slash-editing stage, so this is a good thing.

So does this series have a name? Why, yes it does! Journeys of the Sira Na.

Do the books have names? Amazingly, they do. The first is The Sharpness of the Knife and the second is The Mage’s Blade. Both of them star a fellow named Sherakai, who I’ve mentioned before. In the world of second-guessing myself, I spent five minutes (okay, maybe 30 altogether) deciding to trash Sharpness and skip Blade altogether in favor of starting the story later in Sherakai’s life. Then I pinched myself (Ow!) and got back to business.

I know I’ve said this (or similar) recently, but it’s good to be excited about writing again!