Six to One, Half a Dozen to the Other…

Eggs, that is.

Yes, some darling delinquent(s) egged us. Miraculously, they only hit one out of three cars. Pretty good aiming, right? Too bad they didn’t miss the house, too. But noooooo… There was egg from front to back along one side (the peak side) and most of the way up to the roof. Unfortunately, it was also the east side, and was sizzling already when my daughter told me about the incident a little after 8 a.m. The good news is that laundry detergent worked pretty well to get it off, due to the enzymes it contains. The bad news is that our poor siding (and by poor I mean cheap and old) does not scrub well. The scrubbed parts are darker than the rest.

This is the third time our house has been egged.

I just say we’re going for a dappled look.

On the bright side (of life, not the house), something worse could have happened. Our house is still standing, my family is safe, and I got my morning’s exercise in!
(Photo from, but it’s the right color house!)

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