Stuff Your Kindle!

It’s the day after Christmas! Are you stuffed full of turkey? Family? Joy? There is nothing in the world like the energy that comes when my family gathers to celebrate this joyous season. I like seeing the way the idea of the gift-giving has evolved in my grown children. They’re looking for more than the easy solutions and searching a little deeper, sifting through the possibilities to find gifts that mean something. They’re using their hearts.

It makes Christmas different than it used to be when they were small. Sometimes I miss the eager, childish excitement—but that’s what grandkids are for, right? I like the adults my children have become. Last night my husband asked if I’d gotten everything I wanted for Christmas. What more could I want than to have my family close, healthy, and happy?

That’s not to say I didn’t get some terrific gifts (read above re: maturity and thoughtfulness). I did! But I’ll bet it won’t surprise you to learn that one of my favorites came from a of couple years ago:
my Kindle e-reader. I do — and always will — love physical books. I have a growing collection of them, and in my new office I even have  a little bit of room for expansion. Obviously, my bookshelves should go all the way up to the ceiling, right? But I also love the notion of being able to bring my entire library with me wherever I go. (Okay, half, because I don’t have all my physical books in digital format. Yet.) It’s such a futuristic thing to be able to do. And handy!

So did you get a new Kindle for Christmas? Or have you got an older one with some space on it calling out to be filled?

As it happens, As the Crow Flies is on sale at Amazon through New Year’s Day. What a happy coincidence!

Here’s what some folks are saying about the book:

“As the Crow Flies will keep you up reading long into the night. All fantasy fans must read this one.” (Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite) 

“Robin has created a likeable, despicable, arrogant, caring, flawed, and talented character in Crow. All contradictions – I’m aware of this. He is full of contradictions as an individual, which Robin has done a marvelous job of bringing to full life. You know Crow by the time this story has ended – I already miss him! 

What I enoyed most about this novel was that the fantasy element was subtle. Yes, there are thieves and dragons and wizards and swords and such, but Robin doesn’t throw those things at you without explanation. Instead, the world she creates is grounded in a reality that is easy to acclimate to (for us as readers) and as elements of magic or the fantastic are introduced, we are ready for them. Like The Hobbit, this adventure will appeal to a broad audience because it doesn’t geek-ify its fantasy roots and Crow is so very likeable as the story’s hero.” (Matthew Keith, novelist)

Want even more awesome books?
Of course you do! What kind of question is that?
Well, good news! The sale the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network was having before Christmas has been reprised! It’s on today, too, and some of the books will continue to be sold at bargain prices for the next several days. Be sure to check the price before you buy!

“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.” 
~ Diane Duane
Happy reading, my friends!

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