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Your Hoard: How to Care for Your Books

When I was a fledgling my wonderful mama taught me a lot about cleaning, but I do not recall a lesson about how to care for your books. Dishes, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry, cooking—yes. Books? No. Maybe it was obvious to her. Or maybe she was so busy enjoying her stacks and boxes of books that it just slipped her mind. Or maybe I’m taking my book obsession to new heights.

But really—how do you care for your books? They look marvelous lined up on the shelves, but I don’t have a magical force field to keep off all the dust. Do you? If so, where can I get one, too?

I want my darlings to last forever and ever, so I jumped on the Google Train. Want to see what I learned? Continue reading Your Hoard: How to Care for Your Books