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You Had Me at “Aloha”

Does everyone dream about going to the beach, soaking up the sand and the sea? I have splashed in the surf of the east coast and the west coast, but never Hawaii — until now. My husband won a ticket for a free flight to anywhere the airline flew, and he (we!) elected the longed-for but never-before-realized dream to finally visit. Where did we go? Lovely, green Kauai.

We rented a go-cart (my husband’s term for the little Nissan Versa) and went sight-seeing, hiked, swam, snorkeled, walked on the beach, got sunburned, and took a million pictures (okay, only about a thousand between the two of us!). A week was too short. Much to my relief we managed to miss Hurricane Ignacio. (Whew! I wasn’t stressing out about that. Much.) The natives told us that our week was unusually hot and humid, encouraging us to make a return trip. I was told the water was cold; it was not, it was lovely. But salty. Really, really salty… There were chickens everywhere, which I found enormously amusing (along with all the variations of signs telling folks not to feed them or leave cigarette butts on the ground for them to smoke). Everyone was wonderfully friendly. The island was fantastically beautiful. The sunsets were spectacular. Even the rain was pretty!

I am lucky my husband is a photographer. Look at these pictures! (Some of my favorites from the trip!)

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Would I go there again? You betcha! There is still SO much more to see and do!