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Book Review: Secondborn, by Amy A. Bartol

I read Secondborn by Amy A. Bartol via Amazon Kindle First reads, and since this was the only fantasy/sci-fi option, it was a no-brainer choice. AND it has a beautiful cover. (I do love me a beautiful cover!)
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I found the book very like other popular dystopian books about teenage girls—almost to the point of not finishing the book. Select people get all the privileges, and the rest are basically slaves in need of a savior/hero.

Naturally, our protagonist is blessed with incredible fighting skills, she is reluctant to fill the hero position, and she doesn’t have any choice.

Neither, apparently, does she have any choice but to Continue reading Book Review: Secondborn, by Amy A. Bartol

A Drift of Quills: TV We Love #1

A Drift of Quills: What’s Poppin’ our Peepers?

Hello, and Happy Spring! The daffodils are blooming, the trees are budding (in the northern hemisphere, anyway!), and A Drift of Quills are branching out. We usually talk about bookish things, but this month we’re exploring a different format of entertainment: television. What programs do you think grab our interest and get our brains working overtime?

A Drift of Quills: Writerly thoughts by writerly folks

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I remember going through a period of time several years ago when I was bored with television. Oh, sure, there were some decent dramas to watch, and maybe few good action programs, but my speculative fiction soul positively yearned for fantasy and science fiction and the pickin’s were extremely slim.

So-called “reality” tv is definitely speculative—and certainly beyond belief—but I’d rather clean house than subject myself to watching those… Continue reading A Drift of Quills: What’s Poppin’ our Peepers?