We are celebrating another wedding! Preparation for this one was crunched into two months, and of course the last bit has been hectic! I was able to design the invitations again—I love that—and the hubster has, of course, done the pre-wedding photography again.

So. Tomorrow’s the big day, and tonight there’s a wedding dinner to attend (which is good, because I’ve had no time to cook today!). Sunday I’m taking a looooong nap.

(names and information changed to protect the innocent)

Isn’t she pretty?

And he’s okay, too… 😉

Is the picture too small to see? Click on it. I’ll wait.

I wish I could post a picture or twenty two of her in her wedding gown, but it’s still top secret. Maybe I’m a teensy, tiny bit prejudiced, but I think she looks so beautiful in it!