Here’s How It Is

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Here's how it is: When I think about this blog endeavor, I think about posting something new and awesome—or at least entertaining—for you to read every Friday. Most of the time, I do that. So yay! Okay *I* think it's awesome. Your mileage may vary.

A Drift of Quills: Under the Influence

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Stories uncovered! Secrets revealed! Sounds like an article straight out of the tabloids, right? This first-Friday A Drift of Quills are looking at the way people, news stories, or current events play a role in our works. Are we under the influence of current events? How do we use it?

Book Review: The Portrait of Geraldine Germaine by E.M. Epps

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Have you read The Portrait of Geraldine Gérmaine by E.M. Epps? You should. A peek at the “Look Inside” convinced me to download this marvelous novelette. I danced through it last night and went to bed smiling.

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