Are you looking for clean, flinch-free fantasy books to read? Fantastic tales without excessive gore, language, and sex? Being a reader and a writer, I’m always looking for remarkable books that are not only “clean,” but tell good tales with great worlds, characters, and ideas. The following is a list of reading material that does not exceed a PG-13 rating. While you will find mostly fantasy books and stories, there’s also some sci-fi, historical fiction, and a thriller or two as I come across suitable candidates. Enjoy!

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Flinch-Free Fantasy Reads

Newest Additions

Smoke and Summons, by Charlie N. Holmberg (Flinch-Free Fantasy)The Paper Magician, by Charlie N. Holmberg (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Dragon Draught by Kristie Kiessling (Flinch-Free Fantasy)


The Innkeeper's Son by K.C. Herbel (Flinch-Free Fantasy)The Portrait of Geraldine Gérmaine by E.M. Epps (Flinch-Free Fantasy) Nightrage Rising, by P.S. Broaddus (Flinch-Free Fantasy)A Hero's Curse, by PS Broaddus (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Song of the Summer King (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Hood, by Stephen R. Lawhead (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Scarlet, by Stephen R. Lawhead (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Tuck, by Stephen R. Lawhead (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Rend the Dark, by Gelineau and King (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Harry Takes Off, by Steve Turnbull (Flinch-Free Fantasy)The Woodcutter, by Kate Danley (Flinch-Free Fantasy)A Draw of Kings, by Patrick W. Carr (Flinch-Free Fantasy)The Hero’s Lot, by Patrick W. Carr (Flinch-Free Fantasy)A Cast of Stones, by Patrick W. Carr (Flinch-Free Fantasy)The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman (Flinch-Free Fantasy)The Princess Bride, by William Goldman (Flinch-Free Fantasy)The Damiano Series, by R.A. MacAvoy (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Warrior Mage, by Lindsay Buroker (Chains of Honor Book 1) (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Transformation (Rai Kirah Book 1), by Carol Berg (Flinch-Free Fantasy)The Count of the Living Death, by Joshua Grasso (Flinch-Free Fantasy)In Siege of Daylight, by Gregory S. Close (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Waif, by Nigel Edwards (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Lady of the Forest Cover, by Jennifer Roberson (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Winds of Khalakovo, by Bradley Beaulieu (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Dark Currents, by Lindsay Buroker (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Emperor's Edge, by Lindsay Buroker (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Timeline Cover, by Michael CrichtonShadow Within, by Karen Hancock (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Light of Eidon, by Karen Hancock (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Kinshield Legacy, by K.C. May (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Assassin's Quest, by Robin Hobb (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Royal Assassin, by Robin Hobb (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Assassin's Apprentice, by Robin Hobb (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Dreamlander, by K.M. Weiland (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Dangerous Voices, by Rae Carson (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Tathea, by Anne Perry (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Fortress of Dragons, by C.J. Cherryh (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Fortress of Owls, by C.J. Cherryh (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Fortress of Eagles, by C.J. Cherryh (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Eye of Time, by C.J. Cherryh (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Dream Storm Sea, by A.E. Marling (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Gravity's Revenge, by A.E. Marling (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Fox's Bride, by A.E. Marling (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Brood of Bones, by A.E. Marling (Flinch-Free Fantasy)The Legend of Nightfall, by Mickey Zucker Reichert (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Scarlet Sails, by Alexander Green (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Dragonbone Chair, by Tad Williams (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Green Angel Tower 1, by Tad Williams (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Green Angel Tower 2, by Tad Williams (Flinch-Free Fantasy)Stone of Farewell Cover, by Tad Williams (Flinch-Free Fantasy)By Divine Right, by Patrick W. Carr (Flinch-Free Fantasy)A Wizard of Earthsea, by Ursula K. LeGuin (Flinch-Free Fantasy)
End of Flinch-Free book list. Guidelines for your recommendations follow.

Have You Got a Flinch-Free Recommendation?

I like to help promote flinch-free books and authors. As you may have noticed, I lean strongly toward the fantasy genre. I am also interested in sci-fi and perhaps a little historical fiction (particularly if it’s set in the medieval period). I’ve got some caveats, though. What I promote on my site is representative of me and my brand, and it receives my endorsement, so those promotions need to measure up to the yardstick I’ve laid out below:

  • The work is suitable for ages 15-115.
  • The language is a PG-13 rating or gentler. (I relish reading books in which the authors have risen to the challenge of clean, creative cursing!) Swearing and racially offensive terms should be practically non-existent. No use of the “F-Word” or any other equally crude terms.
  • Sex scenes: Hinted at, but the details are left to the reader’s imagination. No play-by-play descriptions, and go carefully on the innuendo.
  • Violence: The story does not glorify war, killing, kidnapping, torture, or abusive treatment of people. Or animals. Or imaginary creatures. A lot of readers are put off by violence, particularly if it is applied merely for shock value. “I especially like books that demonstrate mutual respect for all races, genders, and religious beliefs. Tolerance and mutual respect are the keystones to a strong and safe society.” (Leeland Artra, author of the Golden Threads trilogy)
  • Magic and physics follow some rules. That is, they must make sense within the realm of the story and not be added because they sound cool.
    The characters grow and develop, just like real people. Fantasy or not, they need to be believable and relatable. This also means that the story will display some level of complexity and depth.
  • The story has been edited. I know from experience that not everyone can afford a professional editor; just make sure that it’s not dreadfully obvious. Make good use of those beta readers and develop a varied group. And you really do need an editor …

(Thanks to Leeland Artra for letting me borrow from his own list of “rules.”)

Sharing Gets You Good Karma

Finding authors that write for the same target audience is exciting. Sharing their work—your work—is good for both of us, and for readers whose tastes run in a similar vein. If you are such an author and interested in cross-promoting and/or sharing on Facebook or Twitter, please feel free to contact me: