Reader’s Corner

Right up there along with writing, reading is one of my very favorite things to do. It always has been. It is interesting to me to see how my reading goes in waves: sometimes there are piles of books, sometimes only a few. Usually, though, there are at least two or three at a time. If you’d like to see what I’m currently reading, head over to my Goodread’s Page. I usually take part in the Reading Challenge, too. (Do you?) When things took a huge and unexpected change in my life at the beginning of 2018, I cut back on my own expecations there a little, but I expect I’ll be able to increase the volume again eventually. I can no longer live without reading than I can live without air. Or chocolate…

My Wonderful Readers!

Are you reading one of my books? Take a picture and send it to me—I’ll feature your photo with my amazing readers! (If you want to have me in the picture, though, you’ll have to come out and visit! ?)

You only have a digital copy? No problem! Load it up on your reader, make sure the cover is showing for the camera, and take a picture of yourself cozied up with your e-reader.

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Pinteresting Stuff

Along with being a word enthusiast, I’m also a very visual person. I love colors and shapes and textures. Sometimes my dabbling in Photoshop is successful. I do have fun, and I find it’s another good creative outlet for me. Naturally, the invention of Pinterest was like a dream come true. I do try to control myself. Mostly. So if you like pictures, too, or if you want to see some of my collections, I’d love to have you visit me over there. Some of my boards focus on my books. Others are collections of costumes, beautiful book covers, character ideas, fantasy artwork, maps, and so on.

Click here to go to my Pinterest page. (Or one of the links on the boards below will work, too!)