Charles David Carpenter & D.W. Jones New Release!

Somehow Posting Day has snuck up on me. I’m not sure where the rest of the week went, though I do recall slaaaaaving away (Just kidding, L.A.) to update the author index and profiles over at the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network, to which I belong. Actually, it was fun reading about the other members of the group and adding their books to my collection the list. The group is growing fast, and I get to work with some fantastic folks. Be sure to check them out!

And speaking of collecting more books to read, you might recall that I interviewed Charles David Carpenter and D.W. Jones back in February. Great guys. No, really.

And guess what? They’ve just released their second book in the Necromancers’ Pride series, entitled Tides of War!! Aaaaawsome!

Can Corwyn and Velladriana complete their quest? Will Crispin and Dolthaia escape the dangerous followers of Maars the Lector? What drove the Viper’s Legionnaire Reese to lands so far from his home? What schemes are the Weavers concocting? What darkness will the Necromancers unleash? What are the true extents of the Pride’s powers? 

You’ll have to get a copy and find out!

Have you read any (other) good fantasy books lately? Share in the comments!

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