Cover Candy #03

Cover Candy #03

Pop quiz!

Who loves books? (YOU, right? Okay, and me, too. I’ll admit it.)

Who loves pretty pictures? (I do! I do!)

This week we’ve got both. The only thing that could make this combo better is some chocolate. I have some, but you’ll have to bring your own. Sorry. I’ve tried, but licking the screen isn’t nearly as satisfactory as reality, and I’ve yet to see a working replicator. If you have, you’d better link me up…!

On with the show, then! Once again, I can’t vouch for the contents of the books represented below. We’re only here for the eye candy!

Cover Candy #03
Hood: Book 1 of the King Raven Trilogy, by Stephen R. Lawhead
Cover Candy 03: Mists of Avalon
The Mists ofAvalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Cover Candy 03: Crucible of Gold
Crucible of Gold, by Naomi Novik
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Which cover is your favorite of the three?
What’s one of YOUR favorite covers?
Do you have a favorite cover artist? Who?

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