Hello, and Welcome!

I’m so glad you found your way here to my blog!

By way of introduction, I am a writer, and I have Big Plans. (What writer doesn’t, eh?) I have been writing for my whole life, and the Peanut Gallery (a.k.a. those who have read my works) has advised me repeatedly and emphatically that I should be published. Again. I was once! But once was apparently not enough and clearly did not garner enough attention. Coincidentally, I would also like to be published (again.) One of my short stories appeared in the Alternate Realities e-Zine, which sadly looks to be abandoned. I didn’t get paid a lot, but it was exciting. Neighbors up and down the street probably heard my ecstatic whoop when I got the news. I considered framing my check, but that seemed a little impractical, so I took a picture of the check instead.

Since then I’ve written several a lot more short stories. I also fell into the clutches of a role-playing community which not only plays by chat, but has a sizable collection of stories posted by the players. I received lots of encouragement from the friends I made there, and although I’ve left the forum to pursue my Big Plans, I am grateful for their support, the motivational speeches, and the efforts of the folks that voluntarily edited for me.

Three years ago NaNoWriMo appeared on the horizon, glowing with enchantment, tempting me with the promise of success — or if not success, the impetus to get a Big Chunk of Writing done quickly. I loved it. What a rush! My only complaint is that it takes place in November. I am usually typing like a maniac right up to the last minute, and I can tell you that hiding in my office for the duration of Thanksgiving is not popular!! What a delight it was to get an email from The Office of Letters and Light announcing the upcoming Camp NaNoWriMo, “For everyone who has ever wanted to do NaNo multiple times a year—or for those who simply can’t make a November novel work.”

That’s me!

However… Thanks to NaNoWriMo (the original version) I now have a novel to edit and revise! This summer. Yes, I’ve committed. I will either have to edit like mad in the hopes that I get that task finished before the Camp, or… I may give into the temptation to start the next Great American Fantasy Novel.

I need a NaNoEdMo.

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