Hitching and Dragons

Can one get hitched without a hitch? Oh, there were a couple of (very tiny) hitches, but I’m very pleased to say my daughter’s wedding day went beautifully. Really beautifully. The reception center’s decor is Tuscan, and so lovely. My daughter’s colors were black and purple. We decorated with black-and-white damask cloth over black table cloths, purple and black ribbon, white roses, white and purple silk rose petals, white pillar candles with bow ties, and a crystal-hung wishing tree (which received disparaging remarks from Certain Family Members at home, but earned a boatload of compliments at the reception, so HA!).

So very sweet to see the groom get all teary-eyed during the ceremony. Yes, the bride did, too, but she’s a girl. We girls do that. Strangely enough, I didn’t cry until the next day, and there was fortunately no one around to see me being all weepy and sentimental. Trust me, it is not a pretty sight.

Now we must wait (augh!) for the photographer to provide the official pictures—a horrible thing to have to go through when one is used to the instant gratification of plugging the Photographer Husband’s camera straight into the television to see the pictures RIGHT NOW. Thankfully, there were folks snapping pics, and aren’t digital cameras so fantastic? No waiting for the film to be developed! Hurrah!
Much to our delight, we’ve been invited to watch the gift-opening tonight. Sweet, right?
In spite of my declaration to do Absolutely Nothing for the rest of the week, I put things away and cleaned up some of the collateral mess. What took months to prepare took hours to tidy… Granted, I still have a few bits and pieces floating around. I am eager for the restoration of order, but find myself dawdling, leaving sentimental items lying about…
I’ve also caught up on my email, read a few articles about writing and social media, revamped my Twitter bio, and even sorted through the I-don’t-have-time-for-this-now! folder on my computer where everything important and/or interesting landed while I was in Wedding Land. Sorted, mind you; I’ve only actually dealt with a couple of items. I’m recovering!
The wedding was absolutely the best part of this week. Second best has been returning to Writing Project #2, Kai’s story. A dragon figures prominently, and I have long been mulling over the part dragons play in this world. Why are they there? What do they do? It turns out there are two types of dragons, though not everyone is aware of this. In fact most people believe that all dragons are dangerous, predatory, acquisitive, and devious. You and I both know that saying all dragons are, say, ‘savage’ is like saying all chocolate is equal. (In reality, milk chocolate is a color, not a flavor, and white chocolate—well, we won’t even go there. Unless we have pretzels.) This is not to say that the dragons are anything so easily definable as ‘light and dark’ but, for the sake of the masses existing in this fantasy world, they might be described as ‘higher and lower.’ And if the lower variety are not particularly prevalent, the higher types are extremely rare. In those elite circles of mages and scholars better educated (or more hopeful) than the masses, it is rumored that the high dragons, the Sira Naje, are immortal.
Take the frustrated aspirations of one mage, add a wounded dragon, create something powerful and  unexpected…
Hobsyllwin and Kume, by Ciruelo Cabral

4 thoughts on “Hitching and Dragons

  1. So glad your daughter's wedding went well. I'm sure your relieved! And I'm so intrigued to hear about your dragons. I'm currently doing world-building and character sketches for a new writing project. It's going to be high fantasy and there will definitely be dragons. I'm still working out all my details but I was so interested to hear a few of yours! Keep me posted and maybe we can swap stories for critique when we're farther along? 😀

  2. Relieved? My family remarked that I have been positively giddy. LOL

    I, too, am working out details, expanding a story into a series. What a challenge! I'll be diving into that full tilt as soon as I've finished editing the novel I'm currently working on (which is entirely unrelated). Critiquing and beta-reading are good options! 🙂

  3. I have been thinking further, and laughing at myself. "Sira Naje" is the title for the people of the (THE) Empire. It is not the same in the language of the dragons, but how many people talk to them? Has anyone ever asked them? 😀

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