Shopping for Inspiration (or Isn’t Amazon Fun?)

Shopping is not just a job, it’s an adventure!

I’ve spent an unconscionable amount of time trying to find new window-coverings for my bedroom. Not only is everything that I actually like extremely pricey, but I’m trying to pull together this nebulous “offbeat traditional” thing we (sorta) have going in the rest of the house. Buying new curtains is going to require painting, as well, and that’s actually work!

I have come across some lovely ideas for massively huge and insanely expensive rooms.

I take comfort in the fact that my room is small and will therefore require much less of everything.

But, hey! While we’re talking about style and “offbeat” – and let’s throw in some free entertainment, too – there’s Amazon’s recommendations. I just purchased a new phone set there, and once I’d finished the necessary research involved and finally made my decision, I put the item in my cart and went to see if I could find inspiration for good ways to spend the gift certificate my son gave me. It’s a gift, so it’s all about me, me, me. I have a hard time deciding how to prioritize my wish list. I do.

So I turned to Amazon.

I wanted to trust them.

Amazon suggested that since I had put this nifty new phone set in my shopping cart, I might like a new set of whiskey glasses.

I’m not seeing the connection, never mind that I don’t drink alcohol except for the occasional bit of NyQuil, and I’m thinking a drinking vessel that size for that use might be a little too… extravagant.

Clicking through the list, the soundtrack for The Sound of Music, was recommended to me, and I stopped to fix that, marking that I own the album. (“The hills are aliiiiiiiiiive…!” That was my husband’s theme song as he was cavorting down the mountainside on a recent camping trip. There isn’t a line in the song for people putting their foot in a gopher hole and subsequently taking a dive. In the mud. But that’s another story.)

Amazon suggested that since I own The Sound of Music, I would  no doubt enjoy Mötley Crüe.

Now I am envisioning a remake of the classic film, Goth style with (of course) a heavy metal soundtrack. It’d be really good if we incorporated some vampires, too, dontcha think?

2 thoughts on “Shopping for Inspiration (or Isn’t Amazon Fun?)

  1. Motley Crue? Because of Sound of Music? WHAT? I've noticed Amazon's book suggestions are definitely related, so I feel like I could trust that. But it seems their music suggestions are a bit off 😀

  2. @Julie Musil I mentioned this over on my FaceBook marveling, and I'll say it again here: I can't help envisioning "Men in Black"!

    Jay: All right, let's put in a call to Dennis Rodman. He's from that planet.
    Elle: Rodman? You're kidding.


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