TBR Challenge 2016 — Enter to win a free book!

TBR Challenge Invitation

TBR Challenge 2016 — Enter to win a free book!Ooh, the challenge of the TBR…

Everyone knows what that little acronym means, right? TBR=To Be Read.

Do you, dear readers, have a bunch of books on your shelf, your e-reader, or wish-list that you are just jonesing to read? I do. I always do!

I popped over to ReadItForward to calculate how long it would take me to read all the books on my list (not even counting those on my bookshelf that I haven’t read yet!).

TBR Challenge — Enter to win a free book!And that’s: a) if I don’t acquire any more books, and b) if I read about one book per week.

Clearly, I need to up my game.

A while ago, I posted about my own TBR List and issued a challenge, and I thought it was (past) time to wave that flag again.

I’d love for you to join me. We’ll do it together!

So Here’s the Big TBR Challenge:
  1. Join the Goodreads “2016 Reading Challenge
  2. Create a challenge of not less than one book per month (for a total of 12 which, technically, you could read in entirely in December if you want!)
  3. Link me up to your challenge page in the comments below OR on the original TBR Challenge page.
  4. Complete your challenge

At the end of the year, those who finish their challenges will be entered in a drawing for my upcoming book, The Sharpness of the Knife (Working title!). I’m also casting around for some other fun prizes. This may include Amazon gift cards, more books, bookmarks, and more…

Ready? Set! Go!

Please share this page with your reader friends! The more the merrier! And the more entries I get, the more prizes I can add!

P.S. Feel free to comment below with the book you’re reading and what you think of it!

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