What’s almost as good as a crate full of chocolate?

food-1465499_640Well… nothing, but the news that I’m zeroing in on the end of Book Two of the slower-than-cold-tar Mage’s Gift series is almost as good, right?

You may (or may not!) have noticed a lack of blog posts the last few weeks. They will continue to be sparse as I turn my newly adjusted razor focus on finishing the bleepity-bleep books. RAWR.

I’ve had a particularly good week—I won’t jinx myself by quoting numbers, but suffice it to say I’m breaking all kinds of personal records. NaNoWriMo, eat my dust!

In the meantime, As the Crow Flies is getting the revised cover I’ve been dreaming about since—well, for a long time. If you’ve been following on my Twitter Feed or Facebook, you’ll have seen some of the options, and maybe had a chance to offer your opinion on which one is best. We’re still working on a few little details, so this isn’t officially official, but…

Here’s a teeny, tiny peek.

"As the Crow Flies" gets a new cover!

I’m stoked. Stay tuned for the officially official cover reveal, coming SOON!