A Drift of Quills is a group of fantasy authors. We get together once a month to chat up aspects of reading and writing, and share interesting things we’ve found or experiences we’ve had. No ‘rithmatic, we promise! Now and then the faces change, but you can usually count on hearing from us on the first Friday of every month.

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A Drift of Quills


Robin Lythgoe, fantasy authorAuthor of As the Crow Flies, and The Mage’s Gift Series
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Patricia RedingAuthor of the Oathtaker Series
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“P.S. Broaddus” width=Author of The Unseen Chronicles
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Parker is a scribbler and storycrafter who grew up on a cattle ranch in Southwestern New Mexico, married a wood nymph from the foothills of the Smokey Mountains and now follows three happy and endlessly curious little boys from one adventure to another. He loves the art of storycraft and talking about heroes, and is always excited to hear from adventurers.


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