Flesh and Bone (The Mage's Gift: Part 2), by Robin Lythgoe — https://robinlythgoe.com

Flesh and Bone

In Blood and Shadow, Robin Lythgoe introduced readers to “a great cast of three-dimensional characters (and) a deliciously disturbed villain that somehow manages to be as believable as he is deranged” (Amazon Reader). Now the story continues as Sherakai dan Tameko discovers there is no easy escape from the tangled destiny laid out for him.

He is… like copper in the sunlight, magnificent wings lifted, ruination and healing in every line and motion.

When Sherakai dan Tameko is remade both physically and magically, then trained to become Bairith Mindar’s personal weapon, even his Gift cannot help him control the creature he becomes. Now, with his volatile skills painting a bloody path across his beloved country, he must outwit and outfight the man who enslaved him and destroyed his life.

Sherakai’s quest for freedom could break the magical leash that binds him to the mage who would be his master—or it could break his mind and loose a monster.

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