Obscurely Obvious: A Collection of Short Stories

Eclectic, magical, and deliciously bite-sized fantasy tales to wake wonder and spark your imagination.
Explore the extraordinary with elements of mirrors, mages, and muses. This new short story collection, ‘Obscurely Obvious,’ includes the popular ‘In the Mirror,’ ‘The High Roads,’ and four all-new tales of magic:
  • Tourist Trap
  • Deliver Me
  • Elran’s Journey
  • Not Me
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What Others Are Saying…

“Obscurely Obvious is a collection of short stories, all fantasy but diverse in topic – my favorites were Elran’s Journey, Deliver Me (for its humor) and Not Me (which made me tear up something fierce). I do have a complaint to make: the same complaint I always have about really good short stories. I wish they were longer. I’m not feeling dissatisfied with the endings by any stretch – I’m just greedy and I want more!”
~E.M. Epps, author of “The Interpreter’s Tale” and “You Made My Heart a Hunter”