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A Drift of Quills: Books We Love #5 (The Woodcutter, A Hero's Curse)

At the beginning of the year I joined the Goodreads’ Reading Challenge. I started out with a bang, burning through 14 books in a little over two months. Last month? Not so much, though I’ve started several. In order for my “read” to be counted for the challenge, I actually have to finish it, and there have been some books that I’ve set aside. (Gently, because I love my Kindle—Otherwise, I’d have thrown them across the room in frustration.)

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Books We Love: The Woodcutter, by Kate DanleyMuch to my delight, I stumbled across Kate Danley’s The Woodcutter. What a wonderful, unique twist on fairytales! Danley weaves her own style into a retelling of familiar stories and does not disappoint. I love the brevity of her descriptions; it is a rare author that can convey so much information and emotion with so few words and still maintain such a lyrical quality. I was completely enchanted by her prose and by the story itself. Duty, treachery, love and sacrifice wind throughout a mystery that the Woodcutter must solve. He has help on his long and twisting journey, and we’re given a sizable dose of the old-fashioned magic one rarely sees outside of fairytales. Humor, setbacks, and plot twists lead to a climax and resolution that surprised and delighted me with its emotional impact.

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I’m going with an Indie read this time. Truth to tell, one must wade through some things to find gems, whether they are traditional- or Indie-published. But for those who enjoy fantasy for the young, I can recommend, A Hero’s Curse, by P. S. Broaddus.

What intrigued me when I read the blurb for A Hero’s Curse, was that the main protagonist is a young—blind—girl. Since so much of our world is what we see, and since in our writing, we authors must disclose that world to our readers, I was intrigued with the concept of using a blind heroine. P. S. Broaddus did not fail to deliver . . . (Read more!)

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