I’m a little late getting this post written and going — and I have a good excuse! It is not book-related, but I’ll write about it soon. Look for the update in two weeks, on September 11th.

In the meantime, here are some recent good reads in the Blog World:

Pacing Your Stories
How stories should be paced: the good, the bad, and the infuriatingly slow.

Teacher Creates Harry Potter-Themed Classroom Of Our Dreams
Middle-school teacher Stephanie Stephens has become an Internet sensation after her Harry Potter-themed classroom went viral.

Read Tomorrow’s Best-Sellers Today
Enjoy curated stories and give feedback to their writers.

Why Do So Many of This Year’s Book Covers Have the Same Design Style?
A few years ago, the headless woman was one of the most commonplace sights on bookstore shelves (if the lack of something can be considered a “sight”). But lately, another cover design trend has been popping up on this summer’s crop of beach reads: the flat woman.

Augmented Biology: New Mode For Healthcare and Human Enhancement
https://omnireboot.com/2015/augmented-biology-new-mode-healthcare-human-enhancement/ (Unfortunately this article is no longer available. What a shame!)
As computational biology races forward, scientists are tweaking cell-level processes with ever greater precision. Meanwhile, we are manipulating life on the scale of the human body through innovations such as prosthetic hands capable of tying shoe laces and biologically-printed living tissue. “Augmented Biology” (AB) describes the group of applied sciences taking humanity into a brave new era of life design.