So there I was, innocently typing along — and monkey wrenches started flying!

I grumbled when I put up my dukes, but I didn’t flinch. No, sirree, Bob! STUFF happens, and sometimes a body just needs to knuckle down and buckle down and do it.

wrench photoThen one of the wrenches hit me in the head. Ouch!

Let’s back up a little bit. Before I went to Hawaii (I won’t say how long, but it was a while…), WordPress decided it would only publish some of the new pages I wanted to add and it would look the other way for the others. There they were, sitting in my list as pretty as you please, but every time I tried to actually go to it, the site would wave an error page in my face and giggle like mad. All the Googling in the world didn’t turn up a solution that would work, and I tried all but one. Well, two, but who’s counting?

After the vacation, I buckled up and prepared to get down to business. I tried The One.

It broke my website.

But only the WordPress part, so that was something positive. I’d installed a backup plugin, so everything would be shiny in a minute. I even used the plugin to back up my posts. Yay!

Only … the folders with my posts in them were all empty as could be. Ranting and raving didn’t fix a thing, but scrapping WP entirely and re-uploading it did. (That was solution #2.) And hey! WP and my preferred (default) theme were upgraded to boot! Woohoo!

No, it was boohoo. I still had the same problem with adding new pages. So I paid a visit to the WP help department at my website host. The tech couldn’t fix it. Neither could the next tech up the chain. So they created a ticket so they could work on it without me watching over their virtual shoulders and promised to email me when they’d worked the problem out.

That was on Tuesday. I visit the site now and then and see it in various stages of Crazy Sauce. I apologize for that, but STUFF HAPPENS! Funny thing — I chose one of the default themes because I imagined (silly me) that I’d have less trouble with it in the long run. One can dream, right?

In the meantime, I’m letting the good folks at GoDaddy take the ulcer medicine. And me?

I’m goin’ with the flow, man. I’m not fiddling, fixing, improving, plugging things in, taking things out, or any other much-needed site maintenance. In fact, I’m hopping back and forth between editing Sharpness and writing book two. So fun!