Are you excited? I am!

Last week I promised a new FREE short story for my fabulous fans. All it takes for you to be reading it within minutes is subscribing to my once-in-a-blue moon newsletter, though if you’d rather pay for it, you’re welcome to do that instead! It is only available on Amazon at this point, but here is the link if you want to throw some cash my way: The High Roads. If you subscribe, it is available in mobi, epub, or pdf formats.

TheHighRoads_200x300Powerful official. Minor mage. Honor or justice…?

A warrior with a steel will, Telic Ruan plans everything ahead, is always in control. It’s his job to protect the work farms and maintain their peace, but someone is stirring the shadow of rebellion. When he confronts Ashkar Dathan, though, he may have misjudged the character of the renegade mage.

I hope you enjoy reading! Feel free to email me or comment below to let me know what you think of the story — or any of my others!