Aren’t surveys fun to take? Well, it turns out they’re fun to read, too, and I have some fun things to share with you about what my current on-going survey says. Do you know, for instance, the name of the conductor?

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One of my fabulous readers took seriously my invitation to ask me anything. One of his fabulous questions was:

“If 2 trains leave Chicago at the same time, what’s the conductor’s name?”

I had to include it my poll, just for a little comic relief—and wow, has it been fun. Let me give you a sampling of some of the answers I’ve received:

  • Bob (10)
  • Fred (8)
  • Cheech and Chong
  • Pete & Repete
  • Conductor can’t be on two trains at the same time! LOL
  • Vinny
  • Huh? / I don’t know (22)
  • Are you telling me a story? I’m liking it 😉
  • Conroy Gundersnark
  • Skitzo Frenik

Clearly, some folks thought it was a serious question… But I’m thinking “Conroy Gundersnark” should receive a role in one of my books, right?

Looking at the Numbers

Let’s actually get serious for just a minute and look at some of the statistics.

Coming in at 39%, most of my readers are in the 46-60 year-old bracket. The under-17s are the smallest group, and there’s a solid bunch over 75. It’s actually… inspiring to know that folks of all ages can and do read my books. Incidentally, I find it a little mind-boggling that I’ve sold in all thirteen of Amazon’s marketplaces… Wow!

People went a little crazy with the next question…

What’s the best place to read?
Survey Says! (Reader Poll Results) - Favorite Reading Place

What’s the best place to read?

Here I am thinking best = ultimate, but maybe that was wrong thinking on my part. Survey says that “anywhere and any time one can read is the best place.”

Unfortunately, Google is case-sensitive and skews the results by counting “anywhere” and “Anywhere” (And… another “Anywhere”) as different places.

Being very literally minded, I would think that “living room” sported a “comfy chair,” and would have gone with that. Consider my eyes opened!  And “anytime” is now a place. (There must be story fodder in that concept!)

Sorry, I said I’d get serious. Oops!

On which device do you primarily read ebooks?

Survey says! Overwhelmingly, folks read on a Kindle. “Phone” provided the closest competition at 13%. I’m not a phone reader unless I’m desperate, though it does give my scrolling-finger plenty of exercise!

How do you generally select the books you read?

People got a little more granular than I planned. Thirteen pages more granular. I didn’t word this one well, did I? That white space includes a lot of variations on “by cover, blurb, and genre.” Survey says, “Robin, you should have considered your wording more carefully!”

Survey Says! (Reader Poll Results) - Book Discovery

How do you generally select the books you read?

How frequently do you use social media for reading purposes such as book discovery, book reviews, author interaction, and book discussions?
Survey Says! (Reader Poll Results)-Social Media for MORE!

How frequently do you use social media for reading purposes such as book discovery, book reviews, author interaction, and book discussions?

Survey says—Nearly one-third of you extend the “book interest” further via social media. You know what? Me, too!! (I can never decide if I’m learning or procrastinating.)

What’s your favorite social media platform?
Survey Says! (Reader Poll Results) - Favorite Social Media

What’s your favorite social media platform?

Again, the capitalization issue skews results, as does someone throwing in a “dot com” label or five in reference to the above-mentioned sites. And there have to be goofballs (I love ya!) pointing out that “hate” is a strong word, or can’t choose just ONE favorite!

NOTE TO SELF: Be more specific. Really specific. (You, too, should make note, Young Grasshopper, in case you plan on doing your own survey!)

Which of the following magical gifts would you choose?
Survey Says! (Reader Poll Results) - Magical Gifts

Which of the following magical gifts would you choose?

I confess to some disappointment here. Granted, fantasy fiction has filled our heads with a lot more possibilities than this, but still! Let’s have some fun, eh? EH?

And then…!

Survey Says! (Reader Poll Results)•  In addition to those interesting tidbits, I discovered that 93% of my readers are … readers. (As opposed to authors, bloggers, some form of editors, librarians and former librarians.)

(I think that sentence needs an editor!)

•  75% of you are women.

•  I have readers from Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Chilliwack, Turin, and “other.” Lots of exotic places. (Is Chilliwack exotic? “Other” is. It must be.)

• A mere 4% prefer audio books to  decoding symbols to derive meaning. (Translation: reading with your eyeballs.)

• Amazon is taking over the world.

• You are actually quite creative in coming up with ways to avoid providing the names of your favorite fantasy authors when the phrase “too many” is not allowed. (It’s funny. I know, I find humor in the strangest things!)

• A shocking—shocking, I say!—number of people provided alternatives to the “Chocolate or Vanilla?” question. My favorite cheeky responses were:

  • Anything Salty- I gotta be difficult
  • butter pecan – with accent on the second syllable, not the first
  • dark chocolate (Not cheeky. Obviously a person of exquisite taste. Have you seen “The Chocolate“?)
  • Strawberry – I do not bother with any book labeled as “romance”
Nearly Lastly…

Lastly, lastly, survey says there are some FANTASTIC answers to the question “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”

In no particular order, and subject to being used in a future novel, here are some of my favorites.

  • Stood shark watch in the Mediterranean Ocean
  • A week long trip following a band!
  • Nothing that is really safe to say….well I did fall off a 2 story rock face and walked away with a scratch and covered in mud
  • Visited Iwo Jima Monument on a dark rainy night. Sprained ankle. Had sex any way.
  • I fell off a cliff in 6th place. Not on purpose, but still…
  • There was the time we were on our way to get a tattoo but bought a mustang convertible instead.
  • Worked carnival games for 45 years
  • Took a job disposing of decayed explosives
  • Stuck my hand in a bucket of cockroaches

That last one gives me the shivers! EWW!

Do you want to add your view of things to what the survey says? Click this link — and have FUN.

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