As the release date for As the Crow Flies gets closer and closer (only nine more days, but who’s counting?), my excitement level increases. I am occasionally overtaken by butterflies and attacks of “what if…?” Things are falling into place, though. My family and friends—and new acquaintances!—are super supportive. My hubby walked in the door tonight with the typical “When’s dinner?” question.

“Not for half an hour,” I said, “will you please find a page divider for my website that meets this and this and this qualification, and just so happens to be exactly what I want?”

And he did!

And earlier, switching the host provider for my website, I needed to make adjustments to the mysterious setup pages on my dashboard, which (along with the directions) is written in Klingon. I am grateful for the helpful articles on the internet, but they weren’t helping. At all. Staring at my monitor, drumming my fingers and trying to decide what to do next, the new host provider phoned me, warmly welcomed me, and asked if there was anything he could do to help.

“As it happens, I was just wishing for a little magic.” I said.

The very pleasant young man on the other end of the line also came with a sense of humor. “I am the magic man, what can I do for you?”

“Can you help me get this transferred and set up properly?”

And he did!

AND… one of my daughters brought me chocolate. Ghirardelli Dark Raspberry Squares. Yeah, huh!

I got so wrapped up in creating the website I really wanted—as opposed to the limited and frustrating “easy”(hahahaaaa!) create-a-site—that I almost forgot to blog today! Yikes!

Okay, so are you ready?

What I have for you today is a peek at the characters and world of As the Crow Flies.

I’ve created a board on Pinterest (cleverly calling it “As the Crow Flies“!) where I’m posting pictures of the people and places in the book. And there’s a cute little dragon, too. I will be adding more in the future, and I am interested in hearing your suggestions. What—or who—do you think would fit?