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“I know what I have given you… I do not know what you have received.”
― Antonio Porchia

It has been a strange year, sometimes awful, often amazing. One year ago this month my husband received a diagnosis of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), or Lou Gehrig’s disease. And in the time since then we have been the recipients of such an outpouring of generosity. Friends and acquaintances have appeared with dinner, movie tickets, company, ice cream, chocolate (!), and so much service. They have taken my husband for rides in his beloved mountains, poured the patio for our little pergola, installed ramps, put in a new toilet, fixed a roof problem, installed a gutter, loaned an electric wheelchair, watched football with him—The list just goes on and on.

Our burdens have been lifted. And it’s not about the things that were done; it’s about the support. The comfort. The sweet sense of belonging and being looked after. Did it take Emily ten minutes to stop by my house to collect something that needed to go to the post office when she was going there herself? Maybe, but then she texted me to let me know it was done and stopped by the house afterward with change and chocolate. So unnecessary. So wonderful. Does it take the other Emily (I am blessed with Emilys!) two minutes to text me to see if I’m okay once a week or so? Maybe, but I also know it’s not just a text message. She’s brought me chocolate ice cream and let me cry at her, giving up her precious time for me.

So many sweet, sweet gifts have been gifts of time.

Acting on an impression the other day, I stopped by the house of a dear lady I know. She got teary-eyed. (I have that kind of impression on people…) It took ten minutes out of my life to let her know she was not forgotten, and we both shared stories and hugs and tears—and I came away richer for it.

In this time of affliction and adversity, it’s Christmas all the time…

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
― Charles Dickens


“P.S. Broaddus” width=Author of The Unseen Chronicles
Parker’s website

Christmas is coming. It’s just around the weekend corner. And I’m finished with wrapping.
I just finished reading Jonathan Stroud’s Screaming Staircase, and as usual, Stroud has this incredible knack for creating unique and clever voices in his characters. His descriptions are vivid and often hysterical. (His Bartimaeus trilogy was a good example. So that’s what I’m doing. Reading good books, drinking a bit of ‘nog, and enjoying the Christmasy lights, music, and raucous excitement from the boys.


Patricia RedingAuthor of the Oathtaker Series
Patricia’s website

This is the season of giving. As I look at the many, many packages I’ve wrapped and put beneath the tree just for those in our little family (there will be six of us for Christmas Eve), I can see that it will take hours for us to go person-by-person, gift-by-gift, as is our tradition, to open them. This way everyone gets to see what everyone else got. And here’s the crazy part…

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