A Drift of Quills is on the loose again! Today we ask the burning question, “What is our favorite social media outlet and why?”

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Oh, decisions! Decisions! There are so many outlets to choose from and so many reasons to choose them (or not)! It’s no surprise that they each accomplish different things, so if I wanted to be technical (I don’t. Lucky you.), I’d list which ones are my favorites for which purposes. But…

A Drift of Quills answers the burning question, “What is our favorite social media outlet and why?”I’m taking this personally!

Hands down, Pinterest is my favorite social place to spend time. I get to learn new things, find inspiration, laugh at jokes, solve problems, discover new ideas—and look over my friends’ shoulders to see what’s interesting them. And, because I’m kind of into bookish stuff, I can get (and post) updates about new releases, new covers, interviews, maps to the places in the books I’m reading—all the important stuff.

Utterly selfish. I confess, I don’t do a lot of socializing there. And I have to limit my time or risk being dragged down into a fascinating Land of No Return.

Introverts…Facebook probably comes in second. (Not that you were asking.) It’s also good for news and for sharing important (usually bookish) things with friends, but I am not a fan of the drama that seems inevitable on that platform. I chat there more. Is that a good thing? Why, yes, Gentle Reader, it is! Conversations help build relationships, and I’ve met some really cool people that way! It’s a good way to connect with my peers. And stalk people. Or be stalked.

It’s tough being an introvert…

Which social media site is best for you?

It totally depends upon your personality and your needs. Check out these links:

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An author’s being active on social media is necessary these days. It is a way to get one’s name out and to help to build a following. But it takes precious time from the writer’s craft and we writers are often left wondering if it’s all worth it. Then, along came Bublish (at www.Bublish.com).  Without a doubt, I’ve come to love this tool.

These days, it is fairly easy to discover what readers think of works. They tell us, most notably, through their posted reviews . . . (Read more!)

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What social media site is your favorite?
Why? What’s the best thing about it?
Let us know in the comments below!