Today at the Writing Desk

Things didn’t start altogether well today, but I thought I’d give you a glimpse at how the writing goes sometimes. I took the following from my PreWriting Journal. I generally do a brain dump, then steer towards the story-in-progress. It is frequently more help than I want to admit, which is kind of silly and self-defeating, eh? I mean, “Do the thing that makes the word car zoom, Robin.”

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A Drift of Quills: Fiction Shots #7 (Starry-Eyed)

A Drift of Quills are at it again, writing like maniacs. It's time again for our Fiction Shots! In case you’re just joining us, we take turns choosing a picture for inspiration, then each of us writes our own stories based on that image. Where do you think we will take you with a little… footwear?

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