A Drift of Quills: Three Books and a Desert(ed) Island

A Drift of Quills has been stranded on a desert island! Since we knew we’d be marooned, we were able to ship in reading material ahead of time. Sadly, we’re limited to three books. Which three will each of us choose?

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A Drift of Quills: Fiction Shots #3 (Destroyer of the World)

It’s time for A Drift of Quills and another round of Fiction Shots! Do we call them "short" or "fun-sized"? They're the perfect solution when you want a quick read. Take five and settle in for adventure!

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A Drift of Quills: All Tied Up (Dealing with Novel Challenges)

Dealing with novel challenges is nothing new for A Drift of Quills. Here’s a day-in-the life: "What has been the biggest writing challenge with our current novel?"

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