A Drift of Quills: Fiction Shots #5 (A Thief Worth His Salt)

A Drift of Quills: Fiction Shots #5— It’s flash fiction! Three different stories inspired by one picture. This round, we’re inspired by a cityscape and a little side trip to our previous works.

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A Drift of Quills: Top 3 Inspirational Book Quotes

A Drift of Quills are revealing their top 3 inspirational book quotes this month. What special words motivate us, and why? Where did those genius lines come from? The best book quotes have a way of sticking with us long after we’ve read a book, and they crop up when we least expect. Even better, finding a particular line or paragraph that strikes a chord within us is like finding a treasure…

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Book Review: Smoke and Summons, by Charlie N. Holmberg

“Smoke & Summons” by Charlie N. Holmberg is a fast-paced story full of demons and thugs, chase scenes and close calls. The magic is intriguing and layered: innocents particularly talented at hosting dangerous demons, and ancient artifacts full of strange powers. The setting simmers with history and lore we only glimpse briefly. I want to see more!

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A Drift of Quills: Three Books and a Desert(ed) Island

A Drift of Quills has been stranded on a desert island! Since we knew we’d be marooned, we were able to ship in reading material ahead of time. Sadly, we’re limited to three books. Which three will each of us choose?

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