A Drift of Quills: 3 Opening Lines to Grab You by the Nose

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Opening lines are worth their weight in chocolate. Okay, no, let’s not get crazy. We need to nibble on that chocolate while we’re reading! Today “A Drift of Quills” are taking a look at favorite opening lines—and why we love ‘em.

Book Review: Smoke and Summons, by Charlie N. Holmberg

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“Smoke & Summons” by Charlie N. Holmberg is a fast-paced story full of demons and thugs, chase scenes and close calls. The magic is intriguing and layered: innocents particularly talented at hosting dangerous demons, and ancient artifacts full of strange powers. The setting simmers with history and lore we only glimpse briefly. I want to see more!

A Drift of Quills: Three Books and a Desert(ed) Island

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A Drift of Quills has been stranded on a desert island! Since we knew we’d be marooned, we were able to ship in reading material ahead of time. Sadly, we’re limited to three books. Which three will each of us choose?

All the Secrets of the World

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“All the secrets of the world are contained in books.” I love this quote by Lemony Snicket. Books are like treasure chests, full of the most wonderful things. When I first began reading, it was to discover adventures—And those adventures taught me all kinds of things, from moral ideals to exciting new ideas. To my delight, I discovered that the learning never stops. Whether we’re reading fact or fiction, reading helps us understand the world we live in and the people we live with. It introduces us to different ideas and inspires us to think. To make sense of our existence. To indulge in creativity. There’s no such thing as a passive reader.

InstaFreebie Fantasy—Fill Your Kindle and Answer a Survey!

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I recently created a poll for my readers. Do you read ebooks? Then this poll is for you! There are also a bunch of giveaways going on—mostly on InstaFreebie, which I love. Be sure to check them out…

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