“You are, without a doubt, the worst writer I’ve ever heard of.”

“But you have heard of me…”

But you have heard of me… All kidding aside, what book have you read that surprised you—in a good way? I keep coming back to one particular series… (robinlythgoe.com)

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This scene sends me into giggles every time I see it. First, it’s Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp. Second, there’s the whole issue of where he’s coming from. Or, in the case of Most Authors, where we’re coming from.

Do we want to be known for our great stories, or simply to be famous?

Surely you, like I, have read stories by “famous” authors that made you want to heave your book across the room. (But not the e-reader, because that would be like hurling the whole library, which is silly and would require Superman, but that’s another topic entirely…)

I’ll refrain from either hurling or disparaging. Instead, let’s talk about something we loved. Something that changed us or surprised us—in a good way. What book was it? What event, line, or quote from it?

But you have heard of me…

I have been thinking about this for days, and keep coming back to one particular series: The Farseer trilogy, by Robin Hobb. In the mood to read a good, solid fantasy trilogy, I picked up this one up. It was highly recommended on every “Top Fantasy Reads” list I looked at. That’s really saying something, eh?

The first book was the least engaging to me, and if I had not set out to read the trilogy, I would have quit there. I finished the rest, just to see how the story ended.

And oh, my starry nightshirts…

I might have cried over book endings before, but I remember crying about this one. Sitting in my rocking chair, book in lap, weeping like crazy. I felt sympathy and a real fondness for not just the main character, Fitz, but for most of the supporting cast. As someone else said in a review of the series, “If you want a story that can pull you in, wring you out, and leave you feeling like you have really been through something, then read this.

You can read my original review here: Book Review: The Farseer Trilogy

The Farseer Trilogy, by Robin Hobb — Books that surprised me!

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Your turn! What event, line, or quote from a book knocked your socks off?