In Cover Candy #13 (The One With Swords) we’re looking at books with swords on the covers. I want to dedicate this collection to my character Sherakai dan Tameko, who has a (possibly alarming) fascination with swords and other implements of destruction. If you haven’t met him yet—GASP!—you can do so in my blog post here.

I like swords—not so much for their stabby reputation as for their aesthetic beauty. There is something about the shape, the glittering steel, the wicked edge, the variety and artistry of their designs… (sigh) Yes, I’m pretty sure a large part of Sherakai’s admiration came from my brain, but it’s evolved from that. He’s got weight, knowledge, and experience coloring his views—not to mention magic.

Before I wander any further down that enchanting rabbit hole, let’s get on to the covers! I’ve to tell you, there are a LOT of good-looking covers with swords! I may have to do further installments…

As usual, I can’t vouch for the contents of the books represented below. We’re only here for the eye candy! 

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Cover Candy

(The One With the Swords)

Redemptor (The Valducan Book 4)

~Seth Skorkowsky~
Kindle pages: 264
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Pub date: July 31, 2018
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Artist: Shawn King


Degrees of Delusion

~Lindsay Buroker~
Kindle pages: 35
Publisher: Lindsay Buroker
Pub date: June 19, 2013
Genre: Fantasy
Artist: (unknown)


Something Red

~Douglas Nicholas~
Kindle pages: 338
Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Pub date: September 18, 2012
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Artist: (unknown)

Cover Candy #13 (The One With the Swords)

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Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels